Custom-made Concierge

People say traditional travel agencies are dead because of the onliners, but this is far from true. Many people still prefer to go to a travel agency and buy a package because of the convenience of not having to worry about anything. But what if you don’t want a preset package?

I like the convenience of being able to book online, but not having a person to ask questions presents a lot of disadvantages. There is nothing more awful than trying to talk to a machine.. please repeat, did you mean …? argghh.

The disadvantage of a traditional travel agency is that they don’t know the places they are selling. So thinking of my ideal travel scenario, I came up with the concept of uniting both. Making it easy to book while having an actual travel expert respond to your questions and advice on where to stay, go, do and eat.

Doing online research takes a lot of time and even so you miss a lot of things. Seeing reviews from other travelers doesn’t give you the same experiences as having a local’s perspective and knowledge.

Custom-Made Concierge offers you:

  • Personalized service
  • Trip coordination skype call where we go over what are the best options for you trip based on your interests, trip length and budget
  • Trip itinerary creation
  • In country assistance

How to pay for this service?

There are two options, one is the traditional way where I make a commission of the services you book. The second is a fixed cost of $100 per adult person (minimum two people). If it is one person traveling the cost is $150. In this second option you receive a discount of my commission so you would be paying net rates. To be able to charge you and pay the providers I would charge a 5% processing fee, to cover the ecommerce and the bank charges.